Elegant rooms in 'country' style

The style known as country it is inspired by the florid and fresh designs of the country houses, so it is also very evident that there is a certain rustic air. It is an elegant style, very natural, where the classic prevails and, above all, the search for comfortable environments in interiors full of spontaneity and color.

Country style rooms 1

The style country It is a very country style, yes, but it is also eclectic: for its floral prints, it reminds us of another style that we have talked about here, the shabby chic . Floral motifs abound, either in physical form (bouquets of flowers in vases and pots) or, as we said, in the prints. Cheerful interior designs that comfort spaces and illuminate them.

Country style rooms 2

Another piece very appropriate for the country It is this beautiful stone fireplace that combines so well with the yellow, orange and green tones of this elegant room:

Country style living rooms 3

Simple fabrics, materials such as wicker and small furniture and classic cut are other components that make this style a trend suitable for all types of homes and homes, where what is sought is to create natural spaces, flee from more recharged and hypermodernist styles and fill the environments of small details that make these rooms unique places for the day, for the whole family.

Country style living rooms 4

Photos: interiordesigninspiration.net

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