Elegant decorative ideas with cheap materials

We will never tire of repeating that the success of a good decoration does not lie in the money you spend on it. It is something more subjective, a well-trained eye is able to find beauty in ordinary and vulgar materials that are often used as auxiliaries. We will see some decoration works made with some of these auxiliary materials and you will see how good they are and for very little money.

Economic decoration ideas 1

This ceiling decorated with plywood board is perfect thanks to the right combination with the rest of the decoration. That plywood stands out more if possible by the metal beam of the roof, that aspect between industrial and provisional is phenomenal.

Economic decoration ideas 2

This same material used to build the cabinets of this white kitchen is also a success. This time because of the contrast it offers with that pristine white background.

Economic decoration ideas 3

As you can see, this type of plywood board has many fantastic uses like this simple bed. The truth is that wearing this layer with the veining of the wood is the most decorative.

Economic decoration ideas 4

Decorating the children's room is easy and cheap with this material. An original desk is very easy to build with it.

Economic decoration ideas 5

Let's go now with another of the most fashionable materials nowadays. Cement and uncoated concrete, in its own color or colored, is a material that is a trend of the most current. A countertop made with cement will leave your kitchen to the last.

Economic decoration ideas 6

We can also create simpler and discrete but very original objects like this lamp made with cement. Two plastic bottles of different sizes were used as a mold.

Economic decoration ideas 7

Just as you can make a countertop with cement in the same way we can cover the floor of any room with this material.

Economic decoration ideas 8

The great success of recent times, furniture made with pallets. This coffee table is an example of this, with ingenuity and skill you can create real wonders with this very economical material.

Economic decoration ideas 9

This garden furniture is also made with pallet wood and some other complement that gives it a very original modern look.

Economic decoration ideas 10

The contrast is one of the most important assets we can play with these materials in principle second class. This head made with DM is a clear example as it contrasts with the rest of the decoration so sophisticated.

Photos: apartmenttherapy.com

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