Elegant beds with wool and knitwear

The Wool and knit bedding It is excellent when it comes to preparing the bedroom for winter or for those days of lower temperatures. In addition to isolating from the cold, they provide an irresistible warmth of their own, in addition to giving the room a very traditional character, as you can see in these images. Very typical of homey, rustic styles and, in general, more classic atmospheres, the elegance of these garments is based on their handcrafted appearance, being mostly hand woven and with a final finish full of personality and style.

Beds with wool clothes and knit01

We're talking about bedding and we're talking about blankets, pillow cases, cushions, and even rugs. These materials suppose an extra in the decoration, especially at the time of creating natural environments where the comfort prevails over everything. And the wool woven in the bedding reminds those jerseys so big that our grandmothers used to make us in winter, fluffy and very warm.

Beds with wool clothes and knit02

Beds with wool clothes and knit04

Even lamps can be decorated with wool covers. These beds invite you to sink in them, encouraging sleep and warming up. Who can resist?

Beds with wool clothes and knitting05

Beds with wool clothes and knit06

Beds with wool clothes and knitted07

Warmer beds in winter, decorated with great style and no need for large ornaments. They are rooms in which the quality of the natural is prioritized, and where the small brushstrokes of color charge the environment with energy and dynamism.

Beds with wool clothes and knit08

Beds with wool clothes and dot09

Beds with wool clothes and knitted010

Photos: adoseofthedelightful.com

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