Ecolok: no glue, no screws

Without glue or screws you will wonder how a furniture can stand. But in reality if they exist. They are the ecological furniture of Ecolok Furnishings .

Ecolok without glue, nor screws 1

Its designers and architects were determined to do something for our environment and that is why they designed these particular furniture: Ecological but with their own style.
No one will arm them for you, only you can do it with your own hands but with the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to pollute much less.
Ecolok Furnishings , is a firm that is fully dedicated to the design of this type of furniture, making things portable and versatile.
The pieces that make up all the furniture of the firm are made with certified wood and treated with low contamination sealants.

Ecolok without glue, nor screws 2

From a bookshelf, living tables, chairs and even a bench for a bar. His designs encompass a wide variety of furniture and uses.
They also have the option of you telling them what you need and they design it for you. They make a model and if you like it, they do the cost calculations and delivery date. But if having it in your hands you are not satisfied, they promise to return the money.
Without a doubt it is an interesting proposal and it is worth giving it a chance if you know that we have to start taking care of our planet.

Ecolok without glue, nor screws 3

Source: Ecolok Furnishings

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