Ecological reform of a living room

We show you a reform carried out in a living room by a family aware of environmental issues, environmentalism and sustainability. They transformed a large and cold space into a cozy and warm place to meet. And keeping in mind constantly that their choices regarding materials needed for reform were impregnated with that ecological awareness of which they are proud.

Ecological reforms 1

The result is unblemished, particular tastes aside in terms of styles, and what was intended simply with a bit of interest in the subject and information was achieved.

Ecological reforms 2

The starting point was complicated, everything was to reform and also the spatial configuration of the room did not help much. Already in the waste of old furniture was launched the concern for sustainability, they got in touch with a charitable organization dedicated to the recovery of furniture that took care of them.

Ecological reforms 3

We could think that the boiserie was not going to have remedy but as we see above yes it had it and very obtained by the way. The doors and the color were changed and the transformation is impressive for its simplicity. It created a fantastic reading corner taking advantage of the armchairs of another room in the house.

Ecological reforms 4

Painting is another of the important points in a reform that aims to be friendly to the environment. Choosing one that is free of volatile organic compounds or VOCs is not only a way to try to contaminate as little as possible but also to ensure the health of the family.

Ecological reforms 5

The new doors and the handles managed to transform completely the horroso piece of furniture that was thus updated and very well integrated into the new environment.

Ecological reforms 6

Instead of simply painting the walls, texture was added with plaster and natural pigments. It is cheaper than other options and also the plaster produces negative ions that repel dust and pollen making the air in the tank cleaner. A table made of recycled wood also fits the ecological philosophy of the room.

Ecological reforms 7

Ecological reforms 8

To meditate well the distribution of the lamps will go in benefit of a smaller electrical consumption and of possible changes in the distribution or use of the stay. Using recycled wood is a great way to look after the environment and it always looks fantastic anywhere.

Ecological reforms 9

At the other end of the extended room is the fireplace that also called for a good reform.

Ecological reforms 10

Two very different atmospheres were created at each end of the room to avoid the sensation of tunnel that transmits the elongated shape of the room. To separate the rooms, it was decided to install the old sofa in which the upholstery was changed. Quality upholstered furniture can have a very long life simply by changing the upholstery when they need it. The wall was lined with reclaimed wood that contrasts with the classic formality of the fireplace.

Ecological reforms 11

The fireplace was rejuvenated by simply painting the mantelpiece and the white frame and adding a blue tiled wall covering. The wooden floor was chosen because of its origin, the country where they live, and their certification of sustainability. Avoiding unnecessary transport of the materials we buy is also a way of caring for the environment.


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