Ecological heating systems

Traditional heating systems have a high price, both economic and environmental impact. Electricity and petroleum products are the raw materials that are used to heat our homes but we must bear in mind that their use not only affects our pocket but also the health of the planet. We are going to see some environmentally friendly systems that can also alleviate the high price we pay to keep our home warm in winter.

Ecological heating 1

Before starting with the different sustainable heating systems it is good to remember that the constructive technique has a lot to say at the time that a house costs more or less to keep warm. A good job of insulation and orientation of the house and its openings will do a great service so that the house needs a lower energy consumption to stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

Ecological heating 2

The traditional option is to install a stove or a fireplace . Although burning wood is a way of having the house with a good temperature, it is certainly not the most efficient.

Ecological heating 3

The geothermal energy It can be used to keep houses warm at a very affordable price. The downside is that they require a heavy initial investment. An option to take into account in geographical areas with very cold winters.

Ecological heating 4

The pellet stoves They are a very interesting option and do not require a large investment. They are stoves very similar to the traditional ones that instead of burning ordinary wood burn small balls made with organic matter, from herbs to sawdust. They have an energy efficiency far superior to traditional stoves.

Ecological heating 5

The solar heating It is another interesting option. Once the initial investment, panels and other necessary devices have been made, the cost is practically zero. Solar heating systems are divided between those that heat the air and those that heat a system of water pipes.

Ecological heating 6

The Russian stoves or masonry stoves they are fireplaces made with refractory bricks and that have a special design to redirect hot air and smoke. They act as a battery that absorbs heat and releases it for a long time after having extinguished the fire.


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