Ecological designs

We are increasingly aware of the environment and it's more common to talk about sustainable design . The keys are in the saving of raw materials, in recycling and in the reduction of atmospheric pollution.

This is also applicable to the world of decor : reusing used furniture, restoring old ones and customizing them is something that we can all do with extraordinary and very colorful results.

Another option is the creation of new furniture taking advantage of materials that have already had other previous uses. It collaborates with environmental care in addition to obtaining a unique and special piece.

Ecological designs

A clear example of this is this coffee table made from a reused metal structure. The board of the table is formed scraps of woods coming from different uses, creating a very interesting collage effect.

Ecological designs 1

These Arabic style lamps They are made from recycled cans, which have been punched to allow light to pass through. Perfect for outdoor terraces and chill out.

Ecological designs 2

To reupholster this armchair old have taken advantage scraps of fabrics of different colors, fabrics and prints. A very colorful and colorful result, perfect for rooms that need a touch of color.

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