Easy transformation of the bathroom

Sometimes, for whatever reason, we have to change the decoration of our bathroom, yes or yes. We're tired of seeing that bathroom furniture, outdated, bland, ugly. You can not stand it anymore and you decide to transform it as it is. When it comes to a melamine piece of furniture one can think that there is no solution and that it will stay there damaging our sight until we can change it for another one. Do not despair there is a solution and very cheap. You can paint the furniture even if it's melamine.

DIY idea to change the bathroom 1

Here we have the bathroom renovated and the only thing that its owner has done has been to paint the bathroom furniture partially and add some current and practical accessories.

DIY idea to change the bathroom 2

In principle, the furniture looked like this, flat and with a few years on it. It was time to transform it or its owner did not go back into that bathroom.

DIY idea to change the bathroom 3

The transformation of a piece of furniture begins by changing the deteriorated or obsolete fittings. For this we will look for handles and other visible elements that can help us to change the external appearance of our furniture.

DIY idea to change the bathroom 4

We see here in detail the area of ​​furniture already painted black to create contrast and with the new handles installed. The painting of a laminated cabinet requires a light sanding and a good layer of primer plus the corresponding paint of the color that we prefer.

DIY idea to change the bathroom 5

The complements besides being practical will give a new aspect to the set complementing the task of painting and renovation of the furniture.

DIY idea to change the bathroom 6

To top off the task we will place some makeup mirrors for example or the complements that we consider of our taste and necessity. And with a small investment, both economic and time and effort, we will have the bathroom to our liking.

Photos: littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com

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