Easy tips to transform any decoration

Decorating is not just making use of your credit card. We can and should decorate in an easy and simple way with small changes that shape our inner restlessness, the eternal search for the beauty that lies at the bottom of our soul. Decoration is an art that should be practiced with a scientific spirit. We must be guided by the principle of trial and error. Of course, the more trained we are and the more accustomed we have to look to distinguish the beautiful from the ordinary we will make fewer mistakes.

Decorating tips 1

But you should not worry at all, try and if it works ahead. If something does not work in your decoration remove it, do not get stubborn. The decoration of your house must be something alive and changing like you, like life itself.

  • Some say there are never too many picture in a wall. As everything is something subjective and that will depend largely on the taste of each person. Yes it is true that we can have many as long as they are well coordinated. There is not really a strict rule for the number of frames that can be on a wall.
  • The books can and should be integrated into the decoration. They can be a decorative object and not just something that needs to be stored. A stack of books on a dresser, a table or any other furniture adds texture and relief to the decoration.
  • We have lived clinging to the Scandinavian white, sprinkled with a bit of black and other similar proposals. But change the perspective and consider the use of colors Alternatives can be a great way to capture our own and unique personality in the decoration of our home.

Decorating tips 2

  • The wardrove Open mostly in the kitchen are a good option that is becoming trend. It is a new way of understanding the decoration, you get to create a more human and less aseptic environment.
  • The illumination It is a crucial element in any decoration. You have to study it carefully and not be afraid to add or change the type of lighting. It is much simpler than we usually believe and can transform a decoration radically.
  • Add joy to your decoration, a funny touch, an object that caused you a special sensation or anything else that could provoke a smile in you. The decoration should make you feel better in your home and the best way to feel comfortable anywhere is a smile.

Photos: abigailahern.wordpress.com

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