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Do not know how to make space in your small home or apartment? Well, today we give you some practical tips so you can gain more space in the environments ...


If you see that furniture does not fit you can try with the so-called "wild cards". They are ideal for small environments because they can fulfill several functions at the same time. Examples of this are folding tables, minibars, etc.

The open furniture clarifies the view and allows to divide the rooms without creating closed spaces. Glaziers, bottomless libraries, post-plants and iron furniture with glass shelves are the most recommended.
Painting and wallpaper, important when it comes to gaining space is our home. White or pastel colors are the best when the dimensions are small. As for the wallpaper, you must choose soft colors, with open designs. It is advisable, depending on the place, to avoid composting, contrasting colors and too small or variegated drawings.

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The style furniture is beautiful, but generally its dimensions are difficult to adapt to small environments. The rustic and informal furniture, on the other hand, is the one that adapts best.
You must avoid the accumulation of furniture. Two small armchairs, with a nice upholstery, a small table and a lamp, surrounded by plants already suggests a defined living environment, without needing to resort to an armchair with two or three bodies and a larger coffee table. You must appeal to these resources to organize the distribution of the environments of your house or apartment.
The carpets serve to delimit environments. A change in the style of the furniture, as long as it is harmonious and compatible, is also effective. For example, a dining room with simple and modern lines and wicker chairs in the living room.
We hope our tips will be useful!

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