Duplicate interiors: balance and style

Duplicate objects o decorations in a room is a way to establish a certain organizational balance. A symmetry is preserved that favors the internal order and also serves to highlight those more attractive aspects of the decoration itself.
This is what happens in this bathroom, where by duplicating the same concept of a washbasin with vintage furniture, an oval mirror and a multiplicity of spotlights, the decoration gains a lot. Regardless of how useful it may be to have several pieces of furniture with the same design, a trend of great beauty is created that further enhances the style of the rooms.

Duplicate interiors 1

In this second proposal the effect of duplicating the cushions and curtains in blue favors the final effect. To the sobriety of beige is added the brushstrokes in a range of very beautiful blue, with that double effect that so well suits the room.

Duplicate interiors 2

In this case, the wavy and vaporous effect of the curtains is duplicated, matching a satin quilt. You also have to look at the decorative game of the ceiling lamp and its small replicas next to the sides of the headboard.

Duplicate interiors 3

On this occasion, the duplicity of elements is so exact that there seems to be a mirror in between. A wooden furniture of great beauty, matching with mirrors that emit a lot of light and enhance the walls. There is a lot of ingenuity in these decorative solutions.

Duplicate interiors 4

In this modern bathroom the repetition of the same set in different colors can not be more achieved. Create a genuine and versatile effect. The cabinet, by itself, could also work in many other decorative styles.

Duplicate interiors 5

Finally we come to these models. In the first, the decoration of the bathroom is highlighted by placing two frames of identical style, because one can only look good, but with two we have already won in style. Below, a room with twin beds and spectacular views that leads us to adapt to this decorative resource that old phrase: "The good, if double (brief), twice good".

Duplicate interiors 6

Duplicate interiors 7

Photos: denoxa.com; homedsgn.com

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