Dressers: from classic to modern style

For many years, dressing table It has been an indispensable piece for women in bedrooms. A corner for combing, applying makeup or perfuming; get pretty, in short. In fact in English this piece of furniture is known as "vanity table", "the table of vanity". An intimate space that offers its advantages in front of the bathroom, since it is a cabin much more personalized than this, especially when you have to share the toilet.

Dressers: from classic to modern style

The dressing table It consists of a table with drawers to store beauty products and accessories. In the upper part we find a mirror of good size, surrounded by hair brushes or perfume bottles. The lighting will be at the expense of everyone's taste. If we place the dressing table next to a window, we will obtain a very favorable natural light. If we prefer, we can place light bulbs around the mirror, the way they illuminated toilets in the dressing rooms of the theater actresses, or as in the hairdressers themselves.

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Dressers: from classic to modern style 2

Dressers: from classic style to modern 3

There are toilets for all tastes. In this selection, we find some with a much more classic style, with a romantic touch. They are curvilinear tables, topped with floral decoration reliefs. Pieces that lead us to other eras, pieces that seem taken from the very palace, with that undeniable aspect vintage so special.

Dressers: from classic style to modern 4

At another extreme, we find more modernized pieces, with straight lines and a minimalist, functional and sober character. Others are simple, but just as inspiring, where the practical thing prevails, in this case, that the table has enough capacity to house the paintings, magnifying mirrors and cosmetics. The toilets can offer us very interesting space solutions, we just have to choose the one that best suits our bedroom style and our own personality.

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