Dress your house with carpets

The carpets arrived in Europe in the 10th century. They were given different types of uses, such as tablecloths or wall tapestries. It was in the seventeenth century when they began to be seen covering soils, but this use would take a century more to be popular in Western homes.

Carpets to decorate 1

Within its limitations, already had a variety of textures, thickness, designs and colors, now the thing goes further and we can find real works of art like this forest in the living room.

Carpets to decorate 2

Textiles like carpets dress our house. Enhancing the wonderful effect of our rooms. Filling empty spaces without overloading and even, sometimes, becoming the star of the decorative composition.

Carpets to decorate 3

The range that the market offers is infinite. From the most common polygonal shapes to the most incredible abstract. All the colors you can imagine. Stamped with ingenious inspirations, phrases or beautiful designs, you can even play with relief and textures.

Carpets to decorate 4

They are a perfect ally to highlight an area in the room. But also a good resource to separate a room with several environments, such as a room in which a space meets dining room, an area to chat or read and an area to watch TV.

Carpets for decoration 5

There are very original designs like this asymmetric very original but sober. So we invite you to try also with the less conventional designs that besides being a trend are less recurrent and you will avoid something that everyone has "very seen".

Carpets to decorate 6

Or create a truly unique composition by superimposing or combining different pieces as in this last photo.

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