Dream Baby Shower

Create a cute baby shower with these ideas decor so fun and original.

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If your little man is on his way, the magical world of dreams can be the protagonist.
One of the first things that come to mind when thinking about babies is their tender dream, that is why this party decoration is based mainly on the world of dreams.
Preparing this decoration will not take you too long and the details are simple and not so expensive to make.
The first thing you have to keep in mind is to set up long tables that you will then dress up pretending to be huge and elongated beds. To do this, you must place a first smooth tablecloth and then, above, another in the same range of colors but with typical designs of bed that you will bend in one of the tips simulating the head of the bed. Also, you must add pillows, dolls and a story next to the pillow to give it an even more real touch.
Then, when placing the crockery is appropriate to continue with the same range of colors with which you armed the "beds" and you have in place plastic cutlery (to prevent damage if there are smaller) and crockery as much as possible white or transparent.
As you can see in the pictures you can add small bows to the cups with the same color that you are already setting the table. On the other hand, you can place small dolls, storybooks and small pillows for the rest of the house to give a unique touch to your decoration. It is convenient that you also plan to play children's music and remember to put together a corner for baby gifts ...
We hope you like it and that you can also adapt it to a baby shower for princesses ...

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Photos and Source: hostesswiththemostess.com

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