Drawers and removable shelves for a functional kitchen

The kitchen is the stay of the house where we usually go more hurried storage space although today we can find a thousand and one ingenious solutions to have the kitchen well ordered and also be able to store a lot of things in their cabinets. Let's look at the latest in drawers and extractable kitchen shelves as they are very practical solutions that will considerably facilitate the work in it.


No need to get to furniture as complex as this, although it is certainly great, we can find a wide assortment in specialized stores.


Removable shelves fit in any space between cabinets or between cabinets and cabinets. In just 20 cm wide we can store kitchen utensils, as in this case, or anything else such as spices, oils or whatever we need. It is very practical to place next to the kitchen.


The removable rails allow us, as in this case, to store a good number of saucepans, frying pans and tapas in a comfortable and practical way.


We also find removable drawers for very specific purposes like this one to store the knives. It occupies very little and can be installed under the hanging cupboards.


With these drawers that can be attached to any wardrobe and occupy very little we can have our laptop always close and without danger of getting dirty.


The boxes for storing vegetables are also very useful as they allow us to have a pantry at hand and totally out of sight.


This drawer under the kitchen allows to store a good number of spices and measuring tools, spoons and cups.


Here we have another example of a removable shelf located next to the kitchen and the amount of kitchen utensils that can be stored in it.


This complete closet allows you to centralize everything you need for breakfast and to dress the table.


And if you have to iron your shirt while you prepare the morning coffee you can also include a removable ironing board in one of the drawers.


The corners are the spaces where it is more difficult to store things, or rather it was because there is currently a wide range of solutions specifically designed for these locations. Removable shelves or complete shelves that can be removed complete.


They are ideal, of course, to store the largest utensils and thus leave the other drawers and shelves for the smallest or most used objects.


We will also find cabinets in L designed to be used as a pantry and thus achieve a good use of space.


Here we see, in this beautiful red kitchen, how the corner has been used to place the countertop and below place some extractable shelves in L.


A drawer-breakfast table that is assembled and stored in an instant. A good solution for small kitchens.


Even for the very small ones, the removable trays also offer us an extra working space that we can use at any given time.



These systems can be installed both in a newly installed kitchen or in an already assembled one. You just have to find the space and acquire those systems that are usually sold in kits and in different sizes.


The cutting boards have also been integrated and made removable. No longer have to go looking for the cutting board, strips of the shooter and you have it ready. The image also has a hole that drives the waste directly into the trash.


A very useful solution that allows at the same time to gain space in the countertop to dedicate it to other necessities.


There are even tables designed exclusively for cutting the bread and have a surface with grooves to pick up crumbs from the cut bread underneath.

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