Do not worry about cleanliness and enjoy your home

The title is extremely tempting ... do not worry about cleanliness? Although it seems impossible ... we can do it! Surely you have already seen in the market many who say that you can not worry about the care of your garden. These fantastic robotic lawnmowers are responsible for keeping it beautiful and short as long as necessary. Now we can do the same, but inside the house.

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A dream! True! But possible ... can you imagine a nice afternoon relaxing on the sofa or playing with the little ones while cleaning the floor of the whole house?

Clear! And now I will tell you how. We just have to have a new robot at home ... an automatic vacuum cleaner that will take care of all the work and with ILIFE we will get it.

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I LIFE , along with all the models available, gives us the possibility to enjoy our free time while she is responsible for cleaning the floor. Regardless of the type of floor you have at home or of the unevenness on the surface, we can plan all the cleaning and take care even of the most difficult dirt.

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We can program it to work during the day and also during the night. Its noise level is minimal, and if we do not want it to be around the house during the day, we can leave it running at night. What better than getting up and the floor is already clean!

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It is extremely practical, easy to use, we can control it by remote control and even with our mobile. Collect dust, hair, small papers and clean difficult dirt with the wide variety of accessories it brings. It also has a series of sensors to avoid colliding with furniture, walls or falling on a step or unevenness of the floor. Can you ask for more? Yes! Have it!

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Go ahead and try to have a new robot at home that makes cleaning and your life easier!

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