Do not throw the cork stoppers! Use them to decorate

We show you eight different ways to use the corks of wine bottles as decorative elements. In the photo gallery that we will see next, the Brazilian artist Samir Zavitoski teaches us different ways to reuse the plugs. "The cork can be used to create different neutral objects, which adjust to any type of decoration and environment," he explains.

decorate with corks 1

In this photograph, the cork was used as a tampon, wetted with fabric paint and then a series of prints were made on the napkins.

decorate with corks 2

The plug can also serve as a seat marker or welcome message. To prepare this marker, the cork is cut horizontally and then a longitudinal cut is made in the curved part to insert the card.

decorate with corks 3

The corks here act as coasters for frying pans and other cooking utensils. The trivets in the photo were made with a clamp, which can be purchased at hardware stores. The plugs are arranged vertically inside the clamp, this is screwed and we already have a nice and practical mat. We can choose clamps of different sizes to make trivets of different diameters.

decorate with corks 5

The plug can also work as a key ring. The preparation is very simple Samir passed a wire that runs through the entire length of the cork. Then the elements of the key chain and the beads are added.

decorate with corks 6

The sliced ​​cork is used to decorate any frame. You just had to stick it with a hot glue gun.

decorate with corks 7

As a support for notes and photographs. With wire jewelery and pliers these beautiful designs were made and then wrapped around the plugs.

decorate with corks 8

In a frame, cut longitudinally in half and glued to the bottom with hot glue. Rods were inserted to act as brackets for costume jewelery.


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