Do not hide the cables, decorate with them

The cables of the electronic devices and the lights that we have in house suppose a headache when we want to hide them. We can buy accessories to hide them but we can also choose to take the opposite decision, instead of hiding them by showing them creating beautiful decorative creations with them. They stop being a problem and a nuisance to become a charming and imaginative decorative solution.

Decorate with cables 1

The colored electrical cable is very easy to use for decoration. It is easy to integrate into the environment but we can still use the imagination and, as in the example, write with the cable itself.

Decorate with cables 2

Now that you take both the decorative vinyls to represent silhouettes on the wall look what you can do with a few meters of cable and fixings.

Decorate with cables 3

Another solution is to recreate an industrial environment with the cables in the air, it will give us that look so fashionable lately, vintage and industrial at the same time.

Decorate with cables 4

The color cable according to the surface on which it is installed can be highlighted or disguised. In this decoration, the gray background has been used to create loops that highlight the cable, while passing to the red brick wall the cable disappears in a subtle straight line.

Decorate with cables 5

Another view of the example we have seen above, straight lines and industrial style for a space like a clothing store. An easy decoration that does not require large investment.

Decorating with cables 6

With a few meters of cable any design can be reproduced. Imagination and skill will be the only limits to our work.

Decorating with cables 7

Decorate with cables 8

And if those qualities are not the most characteristic of ours, we can always resort to the abstract or even give us a little tour of chaos theory. Creating a focal point on a neutral background is much simpler than we can believe a priori.

Decorating with cables 9

A small nod to Nature is easy to make with a bit of duct tape and decorated paper. Clean energy?

Decorate with cables 10

Decorating with cables 11

One of my favorite solutions is this video game console installation. Instead of embittering your life trying to hide the device and its cables, install them in a predominant place and arrange the cables as if they were an electronic circuit. A great and very decorative idea.

Decorating with cables 12

Decorating with cables 13

The skyline of your favorite city or a baroque frame, everything can be done with creativity, ingenuity and a little skill. Great ideas for electrical cables to stop being a nuisance and go to collaborate in the decoration of your home.


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