DIY trees to decorate this Christmas

Everything done by oneself is fashionable, the Do It Yourself or DIY that the Americans say and now almost the whole world. So this Christmas we can not stay out of wave and so we show you below a collection of good ideas so you can make your original, creative and modern Christmas tree with your own hands. There are solutions for all skill levels, do not worry about that.

Christmas trees DIY 1

This elegant proposal decorated with golden and white tones is made with dried branches of trees. A walk through the mountain and a mountain range will be all that you will need to gather the necessary material. Then assemble the branches with assembly glue for example or any powerful adhesive and you will have your Christmas tree ready.

Christmas trees DIY 2

If you want something simple and very original you will love this tree made with gift packages stacked in a pyramid on a shelf.

Christmas trees DIY 3

Christmas trees DIY 4

An origami tree, decorated paper stars stacked in descending order will form a lovely and easy Christmas tree.

Christmas trees DIY 5

Find a triangle in your decoration and praise it with luminous garlands. A tremendously original and simple idea.

Christmas trees DIY 6

This would be the Christmas tree made with pallet tables, more modern and currently impossible. A solution that can not be absent in this compilation.

Christmas trees DIY 7

This version is more minimalist and with the tables placed vertically. Easier and with less material.

DIY Christmas trees 8

And to decorate the table nothing like Christmas trees made with cookies. So that no one can give up their DIY Christmas tree whatever their specialty.


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