DIY transformation for a French door

French doors, also known as French doors, are a great solution so that light and sight are not restricted by classic wooden doors. Instead they present a small problem with intimacy. Especially when they are in areas near the hall.

French door transformed 1

Of course we are talking about French doors with transparent glass as there are also translucent lamps that do not have this problem. Well, if you want to increase the intimacy of a room equipped with a French door, you only have two resources, change the transparent crystals for translucent ones or do the operation that we propose. Well actually there is some more solution but they are not as effective.

French door transformed 2


  • paint for stained glass transparent
  • adhesive lead lines
  • imitation lead paint

French door transformed 3

In the first place, our protagonist tried to carry out the task with a brush but immediately realized the impossibility of making a perfect finish with that small amount of paint that was left after brushing.

French door transformed 4

So then he tried to do the treatment with the fingers and he already got a better approximation to the effect he was looking for.

French door transformed 5

Finally he found the best finish, with his fingers and trying to leave a thick layer of paint all over the glass. Thus, when drying, the perfect translucent glass finish with soft waves was achieved.

French door transformed 6

In the second row of crystals, counting from top to bottom, he wanted to add a touch of contrast so that the finish was more elegant and with a certain artisan air. For this I use a lead tape that sells the same brand specialized in stained glass paints.

French door transformed 7

He subsequently painted the tapes with the lead finish paint to make the effect more authentic.

French door transformed 8

And this is the final result, a double-leaf French door with translucent glass. Nobody would say that recently they were completely transparent.


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