DIY shoe organizer

Organizing shoes openly is becoming more fashionable. This system that we present is practical as well as decorative, ideal for ladies to have their most precious heels in sight. In a very short time you will have it ready and installed. It is not difficult at all.

DIY Organizer 1

You will need very few materials and easy acquisition. As for the necessary skills in its preparation, paint and fix the moldings on the wall. Simple.


  • Moldings of wood for frames or moldings of plaster
  • Spray paint or normal
  • Fixing system, hooks and hooks or double-sided tape

DIY Organizer 2

The moldings should have a length of about one meter, there you can easily fit four pairs of shoes which is not much weight and you can fix the moldings to the wall with easy fastening systems such as double-sided tape, mounting adhesive or systems for easy installation.

DIY Organizer 3

Prepare a protected area in an airy place but without drafts to paint with the spray. Normally with a pair of hands it will be enough, let dry well between hand and hand. The most important thing when you paint with spray is that the layers are light so that the paint does not drip. You can also use normal paint but with decorated molding it will always be more complicated so that it is a perfect finish.

DIY Organizer 4

Once you have chosen the ideal place to install your moldings, very dry please, drill the wall with a drill to place the taco and the spikes. Screw the socket to the back of the molding. And if you opt for the double-sided tape ensure that the surfaces to be glued are free of dust and grease.

DIY Organizer 5

You will have a fantastic and decorative organizer made with your own hands to have your best shoes in permanent exhibition, except when they are in the place that favors them most, your feet.


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