DIY projects for your kitchen

We propose below a few ideas with which to renew the appearance of your kitchen in an easy, simple and economical way. In many of them you can also involve your little ones so that they can lend a hand and have fun in passing.

DIY ideas for the kitchen 1

Decorating wooden pieces with paint is one of the projects you can carry out with your young children, they will be happy to help you. But keep in mind that if you are going to use these pieces later, you should paint them with a suitable paint for the contact with the food.

DIY ideas for the kitchen 2

The shopping list is a classic in the kitchen and here is a very practical way to always have on hand where to write down what you need.

DIY ideas for the kitchen 3

Old kitchen recipes recovered from Grandma's notebook will be fantastic if you frame them and hang them on a kitchen wall.

DIY ideas for the kitchen 4

An old roll for kneading fixed on one side of an island or a wooden table will be fantastic as a support for the kitchen towel.

DIY ideas for the kitchen 5

The bottle rack made with PVC tubes is a very practical idea and easy to carry out. A saw to cut the pieces of pipe, a bit of sandpaper to sharpen the edges and a glue to join them and we will have our small warehouse tidy.

DIY ideas for the kitchen 6

These hangers made with elbows for copper pipes is simple and economical. A tour of the hardware store or the DIY store and we will have the material we need to give our kitchen an industrial look.

DIY ideas for the kitchen 8

With an old cutting board or a new one that we can paint and give it that vintage touch it can become a great support for the tablet.

DIY ideas for the kitchen 9

Another idea that we can take advantage of in the visit to the hardware store. Brass hooks to screw into the base of a cupboard and have an extension for the cups.

DIY ideas for the kitchen 10

An idea that works very well to renovate your kitchen, line the bottom of the cabinets with decorated paper. It can be wallpaper or adhesive paper, whichever you prefer or you like more.

DIY ideas for the kitchen 11

And if you want to renovate furniture, painting is always a very useful resource. And without having to get into big jobs, these chairs have only received a new color for the legs that completely transforms the kitchen decor.

DIY ideas for the kitchen 12

These magnets to fix notes in the fridge are just buttons with adhesive magnet that you can buy in the DIY centers.

DIY ideas for the kitchen 7

Another idea that your children will love, make a container for the most common kitchen utensils with pieces of lego. All assured success among the kids.


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