DIY ideas to have your indoor garden

Plants always play a great role in interior decoration. Traditionally this task has been reserved for indoor plants but in recent times the so-called indoor gardens have been gaining strength. Next we want to show you some diy ideas for interior gardens that will give you some idea to create yours. On the one hand we have the herb gardens, very practical for the cooks and lovers of the gastronomy, and on the other the ones of low maintenance with succulents, cactus and aerial plants that practically remain alone.


This practical and decorative garden of aromatic herbs is ideal for a small space. We do not need more than a wooden plank, some glass jars and metal rings or any other similar method to hold the jars.


Sometimes we can use our imagination and use a complement destined for another purpose as a simple and practical planter. It is what has been done with this support for wine bottles. Instead, glass vessels have been placed in the supports and the desired aromatic herbs have been planted.


Pallets are the order of the day and serve a thousand and one ideas. One or rather many of them can be a vertical garden that can be aromatic or ornamental herbs. They can be prepared in various ways but the easiest is to prepare some bags with geotextile fabric that we will install inside the pallet, fill with substrate and cultivate the plants.


But if you do not want to complicate life much, there is nothing like a small garden of succulents. You can make them on many supports, here we see a crystal bowl with this type of plants that are very decorative and do not give any work.


For this succulent garden a curious metal container has been chosen that gives it a very interesting industrial look.


The indoor aquatic gardens are very decorative and attract a lot of attention for their originality. They are easy to prepare and although they cost more to maintain than those of succulents, because of keeping the water in conditions, it is not like to back out.


With a beautiful glass container you can prepare a magnificent garden for cactus or combined with some succulent. This small dry garden needs hardly any care.


A piece of Nature at home, this combination of living plants and dry plants will give a very fresh air to any corner of the house. We do not need too much material, some dry branches, some small pots and some aerial plants that do not need any substrate to live.


You can even take advantage of the old cups of tea or any other ceramic container that has been orphaned to prepare a simple cultivation of our favorite plants.


These metal gutters also give an interesting industrial touch in addition to offering a large crop area.


Wood can also be a very interesting raw material to create a large vertical garden. It allows us to have a good planting of aromatic herbs or the plants that we like the most.


The fairy gardens are a good idea to decorate our house. In some places they are very popular and of course it will be an idea that will delight the little ones because it allows them to play with the miniatures.


This huge vertical garden allows us to produce a large number of plants. It is made with wood and of course can fill by itself a whole wall no matter how big.


The old wood or collected from the sea is a magnificent support for some succulents or cacti for example. A great idea to decorate any space.


The cans of metallic preserves or similar are fantastic pots, economic and very decorative. They will be very good in the kitchen to grow your favorite aromatic herbs.

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