DIY idea for your baby's room

Adapting an old dresser or giving a bit of sparkle to one that we have acquired is quite simple. We do not need a large investment but a little creativity and manual skill. Surely at home some member of the family is endowed with these simple attributes.

Idea for the baby bedroom 1

Above you can see the magnitude of the transformation, a simple comfortable that we can buy ready or that we will prepare with the paint we like and a few accessories will be all we need to give a new air to the room of our little princes of the home.


  • vinyls
  • acrylic paint in various colors
  • painter's masking tape
  • cardboard
  • cutter

Idea for the baby bedroom 2

We will play with neutral tones for the dresser so that the letters we will paint in contrasting colors stand out well. We are also going to use decoration with stickers or vinyls that we can acquire with great ease as they have become a very useful decorative resource especially for children's rooms.

Idea for the baby bedroom 3

We paste the vinyl on the wall on the chest of drawers and as you can see in the first photo you can also make a few frames, either painted or with washi tape, they are fantastic and are very easy to make.

Idea for the baby bedroom 4

To paint the letters on the dresser we only need a few templates and acrylic paint in the desired colors. We can easily make the templates with the computer and cut out the letters with a cutter. A little painter's tape and we set the templates. Now we only have to paint the letters and remove the templates as soon as the paint dries.

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