DIY Halloween decoration for outdoor

There is very little left for Halloween and if you want to have your house ready you will have to take a little run with the decoration. We show you below a few ideas so that the exterior of your house, garden, terrace, patio or simply the landing can look nice decoration according to the festivity. Your little ones will thank you and surely enjoy a lot, both the preparations and the celebration itself.

Halloween ideas for exterior 1

Prepare a pot with some wood or buy it done and give it a coat of paint. Draw the silhouette of a crow and it sure will not go unnoticed by your visitors.

Halloween ideas for outdoor 2

These cute lanterns are very easy to prepare. The kids in the house will be happy to help, you just have to pick up a few glass jars and give them a little hand of paint. Finally draw these curious skulls and you will have a colorful decoration.

Halloween ideas for outdoor 3

This idea is the same for the porch of the entrance as to hang it from a tree in the garden or even inside the house. A macabre mobile made with Christmas decorations, cloth, wool thread and felt.

Halloween ideas for outdoor 5

The spider-mat is very simple to make. A piece of carpet, thick thread and glue. With these simple materials you will have this "happy" welcome for your visitors.

Halloween ideas for outdoor 6

This unpleasant assembly is most appropriate for these horrible parties. It is made with white glue, you just have to pour it on a plastic sheet and fill a little in a bottle to which we add a poison label. Then we stick the plastic insects on top of the potion and that's it.

Halloween ideas for outdoor 7

A doormat and a lot of plastic snakes painted with a spray of black paint will serve us for this "nice" welcome. In order to take advantage of snakes, we can cut them out better so that heads and tails can go out in different places and it will seem that there is more. Do not forget to stick them or they will crawl out at the first stomp.

Halloween ideas for outdoor 8

The silhouettes of images alluding to Halloween are an extraordinary decoration. With cardboard, scissors and a bit of zeal you will have it ready in a moment.

Halloween ideas for outdoor 9

Dry branches of the garden and decorative pumpkins painted white, we add a ghostly expression and we have a really gloomy decoration.

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