DIY decorative spheres for the garden

Using ornamental elements, especially made with hard materials, is a good way to complement the natural beauty of the plants and create a decorative contrast. We will next see a series of proposals DIY decorative spheres for the garden, some more than others, are easy to prepare.


These basket-shaped gabions are often used to form hanging baskets of plants but we can also use them in this way. We only need one of them and a bit of wire to assemble a sphere, fill it with songs and we have it ready.


In the same way if we count on a sphere, a bolus of bowling or any other spherical object we can stick a good amount of marbles and cover the whole surface. An original and colorful idea that will not leave anyone indifferent.


An idea very similar to the previous one and with the same materials, we will only change the marbles for boulders and small stones that we will stick on the base. In both cases the secret is patience and the use of a good adhesive.


These wire orbs are very simple. As the wire comes in rolls it is easy to cut it and form a circle. We tie it with thinner wire and join several of them in different positions, vertical and horizontal, to form the spheres.


Inflate a balloon or use a rubber ball and stick sticks, each other, on them. The balloon is the easiest option because when exploding it is easy to take out by any gap between the sticks.


With bands or metal bands you can easily prepare a sphere like this. You just have to make a hole in each pole to pass a rivet or a screw.


These spheres are made with old, oxidized barbed wires. The result is very decorative and interesting. Protect your hands well when working with this material.


Following the same line but changing the wire by flexible branches we can prepare some decorative natural-looking spheres. The color of the branches allow us to obtain different finishes. It will be essential to work with very flexible branches that allow us to wrap them well without breaking them.


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