DIY decorations for your kitchen

This collection of small DIY decorations will allow you to find some idea to give a new air to your kitchen in an easy and simple way. They are ideas that you can carry out yourself for a weekend, for example, and they will allow you to renew that space in which the family meets several times a day. There are purely aesthetic ideas to brighten up your kitchen and some very ingenious with an eminently practical side, although they are not devoid of color and beauty.

DIY decorations for the kitchen 1

In this project to decorate wooden utensils your children can participate. It is a task that you will love, you always like to paint. You must choose for it a type of paint that allows its use in food.

DIY decorations for the kitchen 2

An idea that besides being decorative is very practical. A roll of kraft paper hung from a pair of sockets will give an industrial look to your kitchen while you will find it very practical to go scoring the products for the next purchase.

DIY decorations for the kitchen 3

If you are lucky enough to have old family cooking recipes you can frame them and hang them. A vintage touch for your kitchen and to not forget the old family traditions.

DIY decorations for the kitchen 4

An old rolling pin can be fixed with some fittings on the work table. Fantastic to hang the kitchen towel.

DIY decorations for the kitchen 5

You can create the corner of the wine with pieces of PVC pipe. And you will not have to worry about falling bottles. They will be well insured.

DIY decorations for the kitchen 6

Hangers are always needed to hang cloths and utensils and this is a great idea and very current. Copper pipe elbows that will give an industrial touch to your kitchen.

DIY decorations for the kitchen 7

And if you want to ask your little ones for help in decorating the kitchen, there is nothing like this container for cutlery and accessories made with construction pieces. You will love it

DIY decorations for the kitchen 8

Do you need support for your tablet? Ideal to have your recipes handy and you only need an old cutting board and a piece of wooden profile. A little paint and sandpaper and you will have a support for the cottage style tablet.

DIY decorations for the kitchen 9

Making the most of storage areas is always an excellent idea. With golden hooks that are often used for curtains you can have the perfect space to hang the cups.

DIY decorations for the kitchen 10

A major renovation of your kitchen does not have to involve complicated work. Something as easy and simple as covering the backgrounds of cupboards with decorated paper will completely transform your kitchen.

DIY decorations for the kitchen 11

Sometimes small actions such as painting the legs of the chairs in a contrasting color will make the change you are looking for evident and easy to achieve.

DIY decorations for the kitchen 12

Some supports for the rolls of the different types of paper and plastic that you usually use in the kitchen can be not only practical but also beautiful. These are made with wire hangers covered with yarn. As hangers a pair of furniture handles. An easy and very decorative idea.

DIY decorations for the kitchen 13

A classic solution, our grandmothers already made use of it, covering the bottoms of the drawers with decorated paper. A simple job that you will do in a moment. And your drawers will look like new.

DIY decorations for the kitchen 14

We always need magnets to fix notes in the refrigerator. Choose the buttons that you like, sure that in the sewing box you have a lot, you stick some magnets on the back and your notes will look differently at the door of the refrigerator.


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