DIY Christmas Posters for interior and exterior decoration

Just show you a few Christmas posters that you can prepare in a moment. They are so simple that they do not require assembly instructions. Economical and decorative at the same time. A great idea for your Christmas decoration this year is different, current and above all very personal.


What do you think of this idea? A wooden board, a couple of letters that you can find in any craft store and a typical green touch of the festivity. You add a red bow or an old scarf and you have ready an excellent decoration for the porch of the house.


And if you like Christmas wreaths you can add a poster made with a piece of wood and a little paint. It will look great!



As you can see they are simple ideas that you can make using wood you have at home, painting and choosing some words or phrases that you like. They can be used to decorate the exterior, the entrance, the porch or the home garden or the interior.



The posters combined with decorative objects typical of Christmas or allusive to winter in general will be perfect. And as you can see you do not have to be an accomplished artist to make them, they are easy to make.


You can also take advantage of an old chair like this one and make the signs on embrasure fabric that you can nail around it. A great idea that can be reinforced with a vertical poster.


But as we said we can use the posters also in the Christmas decoration inside the house. Some can be as simple as this one.


Or more elaborate and also with an important mission to fulfill: hold the socks of the whole family so that Santa leaves his presents!



With a template or writing directly on the wood we will achieve the desired effect. Posters of vintage or primitive air, the issue is that they look natural and homemade.


Although there is nothing wrong that we add a bit of technology as in this case, LED lights can do real wonders in Christmas decoration.


The truth is that the posters with Christmas messages are a very interesting decorative option. We will really give a very personal touch to the typical decoration of these festivities.


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