DIY benches for your garden

A bench in the garden is an essential complement to enjoy the outdoor space in our house. Sitting and reading or listening to music or resting after hard work are some of the advantages offered by having a bench in the garden. You can also do it easily with your own hands. We present a few DIY projects to create a bench that decorates your garden while allowing you to rest for a while.

DIY garden benches 1

Of course there are other types of furniture for the garden much more comfortable and elegant but you always have to worry more about them and require a fairly high investment. On the other hand, a bank can be created with very primary materials that will hardly require maintenance and you will not have to worry about rain or too much sun. In any case it is a complementary element to other furniture. The bank has a particular charm and is very practical.

DIY garden benches 2

But it does not have to stop being elegant, this bench is made with concrete blocks and cushions. It is a modern and comfortable design that allows you to take a nap.

DIY garden benches 3

This bank project can be done in a moment and is perfect for when you need a plus space for your guests to feel. You can assemble and disassemble it in an instant.

DIY garden benches 4

This colorful bank is charming and its preparation is within reach of any DIY enthusiast. A bench can also be a great decorative element.

Garden benches DIY 5

Although speaking of elegance this bench made of cedar wood is perfect for any outdoor space. It will not be cheap since the cedar wood is not, but we will have a bank for many, many years.

DIY garden benches 6

The simplicity of this black bench is obvious. Perfect for a wall decorated in stone. I believe that banks can be decorative elements of great level as it shows a design as elegant as this one.

DIY garden benches 7

They can also solve a storage problem if we opt for a design like the one in the upper image.

Garden benches DIY 8

And so as not to lose your footing with the latest trends, here you have a bench made with pallet wood. All a current classic.

DIY garden benches 9

Although we can also choose to use reclaimed woods with more substance and create a vintage and durable bench like the one in the picture above.

Garden benches DIY 10

There are multiple ways to make a bank and you just have to choose the one that suits you best from the functional and purely decorative aspect.

DIY garden benches 11

Using old materials we can create real works of art of recycling. Banks with history like this one that has recovered the tailgate of a Chevrolet truck.

Garden benches DIY 12

A design as simple as the one in the image above is easy to work on and fulfills its function perfectly. You just have to find the most suitable place for your installation.

DIY garden benches 13

These benches created from the fusion of old chairs are a vintage touch that will decorate your garden. The options are varied and numerous. Do not think twice and install a bench in your garden, you will not regret it.


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