Discreet and modern Christmas decoration

The Christmas traditionally it has been the festivity of the excesses by antonomasia, excesses in the table and excesses in the decor . But today this does not make much sense at a time when we eat and drink all we want throughout the year. As for the decoration, it does not make much sense to fill the house with typical elements of Christmas that in most cases have a difficult fit with the rest of the decoration of our house. Although you do not have to wait for it because there are solutions for everything. Here we show you a Christmas decoration perfectly integrated into the usual decoration of the house.

Christmas decoration 1

This house is decorated in a modern and eclectic style It combines minimalist details with pieces from the golden age of design that give it a special character. This elaborate decoration can not be destroyed with decorative Christmas elements of vulgar aspect. It has opted for a third way that is to choose elements and decorative objects of clear Christmas flavor but that fit perfectly in the environment. So we have the vintage touch of the old wooden staircase with Christmas spheres .

Christmas decoration 2

And two dry trees painted white and decorated with lights and a few white and blue ornaments that coordinate perfectly with the upholstery of the armchair installed next to them.

Christmas decoration 3

A beautiful and original collection of gold and blue frames with Christmas decorations they cover a wall portion. It is a very simple decoration but also of a great elegance and above all very well integrated with the pre-existing decorative style in the living room of this home.

Photos: apartmenttherapy.com

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