Discovering the value of the restoration: Casa Batlló

Being able to tell them about this today is quite an emotion. Because if you have had the opportunity to know the wonderful and unique Casa Batlló by Antonio Gaudí ... will know perfectly what I speak and what awakens this true work of art and UNESCO Heritage since 2005.

Restoration of Casa Batlló 1

Open to the public for approximately 18 years, with real work of restoration and enhancement ... There is no denying that in it we can see and "feel" in a special way the true value that restoration has for each of us. Back to life, to its initial state and achieve that transmit everything the artist wanted to express ...

The restoration of Casa Batlló It is a true event, and this one in particular has something unique (and that I'm dying to see in person). Because, in addition to being able to enjoy everything that is already known from the beginning of visits and tours to the public ... their stuccos are the true protagonists.

Restoration of Casa Batlló 10

To all its forms, colors, mix of materials, the details that surprise step by step when we can go through it ... today we add the unique colors and textures of the wonderful stuccoes of each room. Hidden by the passage of time and reforms, today the true "skin" of this work of art is shown as it was originally. Thanks to the incredible and committed work of a specialized team of architects, restorers, conservators and, of course, stuccoers come back to life and discover themselves in front of us.

Restoration of Casa Batlló 2

Restoration of Casa Batlló 3

It could almost be said that it has been a delicate operation at the tip of a scalpel, patience, perseverance and much study since the way of designing and giving details to its original stuccos was never documented ... All the people who have worked, and still do, It could be said that they have learned from the hand of their own Gaudi as you discover your work step by step.

Another of the striking things that have been found in this restoration, is that in the original office of its owner, Josep Batlló, the stucco joints in the shape of "trencadís" were covered with gold leaf ... Brightness, color and texture ... three fundamental things that never cease to amaze us in the works of Gaudí.

Restoration of Casa Batlló 4

Restoration of Casa Batlló 5

And, in other things, it is worth mentioning that each room of the house has its own special color. All of them have been discovered with the works made going from greenish that could be noticed with the naked eye to a unique and special color in each room. Something that the restoration team has noticed little by little and affirming that they all have a unique correlation or "chromatic unit".

Restoration of Casa Batlló 6

Restoration of Casa Batlló 7

When one thinks of Casa Batlló Color, shapes and textures come to mind immediately. And even when we have not been able to see it live and direct, when observing photographs, just by seeing its façade, we can already dream in colors, shapes ... as if the house would take life when looking at it. Because when you can meet her, or if you have already had the pleasure of doing it, you will know that every space, every detail of this house has life. It is like being in a special story only that we are not reading ... we go through it little by little and we can enjoy it with all our senses.

Restoration of Casa Batlló 8

Restoration of Casa Batlló 9

If you have not yet had the opportunity to meet her, or even better if you have already gone to her ... it is time to return, to discover her as if it were the first time. From walking along the beautiful Passeig de Gracia, get to nº 43 and let yourself be surprised and fall in love with this true work of art. Because only being in front of works like these is that we understand with the heart that restoration is the only way to preserve the works and memories that give us identity ...

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