Dining rooms in wood and white: style and simplicity

These eight proposals of dining rooms on white with elements of wood They all have a common denominator: their taste for creating style from simplicity and from the most everyday elements. A classic concept of dining that moves between several trends at the same time, linking with the rustic, Nordic or Scandinavian and the latest contemporary designs, where they send soft lines and more moderate proposals.

Simple and stylish dining rooms-01

They are dining rooms where the search for a formal balance is present: they seek, above all, naturalness and comfort, surrounding themselves with austere elements. These are environments where there is no stridency and the most natural thing that can be in them is a small centerpiece as the only decoration. Youth eateries, fresh or with a marked classic character, but not old. There is clarity in all of them, because such simple surfaces are exposed with great distinction. If we also add some nearby plants, the resulting set will be more attractive, providing more charm.

Simple and stylish eater-03

The chairs will be another piece of the set that also mark the style: the chairs lined with a bit of black velvet, for example, offer more sophisticated atmospheres, while the classic wooden chairs will be preferred when building rustic spaces with a charm of the past. In plastic, they connect with more minimalist and modern environments. It is about giving the dining room its own style from two common starting points: white and wood.

Simple and stylish eater-04

Simple and stylish eater-05

Simple and stylish dining rooms-06

Simple and stylish dining rooms-07

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