Dining chairs: original and economical

The Dining room chairs How many do we buy? Six, eight? How many are necessary and how many are indispensable? All these questions come to mind when you are furnishing the dining room because you have just become independent or for whatever reason. But of course if you need a respectable amount of chairs, eight in the example that we bring in this article, you have to spend a good amount of money or put your imagination to work. This was the last choice, and for my taste it was the key: chairs bought in flea markets, second-hand shops ... with the only requirement that chairs they were in a perfect state of use, that is, they still had time to use and did not fall apart at the first exchange.

Original chairs for the dining room 1

We have already spoken here on other occasions of the current trend of having different chairs, it is very modern and cool. But this time, another step has been taken and the different models of chairs acquired have been unified by the simple method of painting them in the same color.

Original chairs for the dining room 2

The choice fell on a bright yellow that had already been used for other furniture recovered from the house. Before the chairs were given a good primer so that the yellow color look with all your power.

Original chairs for the dining room 3

Painting eight chairs is no small thing, so if we can involve some collaborator so much better, this time several chairs were upholstered and the old upholstery had to be replaced with a new one, using the same fabric for the different chairs. Obviously, if something similar happens to us, we will have to unify the upholstery.

Photos: abeautifulmess.com

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