Different shades of gray to decorate your Christmas

The Christmas and we consider how to decorate our house this year. The truth is that it is always a dilemma and above all when the decoration of our house is of a style in which the typical Christmas colors do not fit very well. We propose therefore a new color, gray, in all its shades. You can get a great Christmas decoration , sober and elegant, basically using gray. Let's see it next, I think it's worth it.


Gray is a neutral color that allows us to add any touch, in this case we will play with whites, silver and gold that can simply be the tone of the fire or of some candles.


The transparent glass, with that resemblance to ice, also combines perfectly with any shade of gray. We have so many shades of gray, ranging from almost white to practically black, that we can achieve what we set out to do.


The snow-white trees or the grayish pinnaceous trees are a good inspiration. We can use them as a main element and add some color and the warmth of the light.


The contrast between gray and warm lighting is fantastic and will remind us of those natural opposites, fire and ice. The two faces of winter, a great way to create a different Christmas decoration.


Simple spheres of paper, a dry and naked branch plus a garland of small LED lights is enough to create a charming motif without using any typically Christmas color.



The decoration of the table using basically shades of gray can be as different as we want. Above we have two examples that show us, one more sober and discreet and the other more fun with star motifs.


Using the gray color should not make us give up creating rich decorations. This dish with spheres in various shades of gray, silver and black is a good example.


But we must not renounce simplicity, these original zinc cubes with pebbles and a garland of luminous stars is as simple as it is elegant.



The truth is that a Christmas decoration based on gray can be as varied and different as the two superior images. A complex decoration with dry branches, spheres, lights and decorative objects alluding to the time or a small tree with a star decorated with gray thread.


Gray can be a great choice and allows us to decorate environments for Christmas that would otherwise be quite complicated. It is a color or colors as we have seen that look great in modern, minimalist, rustic and Scandinavian decorative styles above all.


Fruits, plants, ceramics and fire, is a great combination that results from a great naturalness. Gray is a color to consider this Christmas.

Photos: Pinterest.com

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