Different designs for children - Part Two

The original and striking designs for the children's room are always important. Making your rooms the favorite place to study, play and sleep is only achieved by turning that place into a dream. And for them, furniture, decoration, accessories and painting are essential.
Today we bring you the second installment of these designs for children. Let them choose their favorite and share your opinions with us.
1- Painting table :


This original table in the shape of a palette of painter and chairs shaped like a pail paint are ideal for your children. They bring compartments like paint stains to put colors, crayons and so on. It is ideal to paint and do your first tasks. The chairs in the shape of a painting can be used to store some of your toys or supplies.
2- Boomerang table :


This boomerang-shaped table is a perfect piece of furniture for decoration. With an innovative design and it is illuminated!
3- Firefly table lamp :


The Firefly lamp will allow your child to give him the shape he wants. It has mobile arms and its colored sconces give it a fun touch.
4- Colored LED lights :
These fun colored LED lamps can move them to the place they want and can even use them to play or in a camp.
5- Medusa floor lamp :


The Medusa lamp is made of steel and with the same concept as the Firefly table lamp. Your children can move their arms to their liking.
6- Medusa table lamp :


The Medusa lamp but in its table version. Unlike the Firefly lamp, it only has two arms that are movable.
7- Princess Chair :


The perfect throne for every little princess! Pink with buttons pale pink and well padded. Finished with a crown on top of the head and the inscription "Princess". The base is finished with a pleated skirt of pink tulle with diamonds.
8- Princess Mirror :


And to complete the throne, a mirror for the Princess of the house! Large oval frame topped by a four-pointed crown inlaid with decorative jewels.
9- Radar table lamp :


A fun and retro style table lamp. Glass discs that can change color. Ideal!

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