Different designs for children - First Part

Children always need different things, and decorating the children's room is a challenge. Some parents always choose traditional styles and try to impose "big" designs on their children, either for pleasure or for other reasons.
The truth is that they need different things, stimulating their learning and at the same time that they are fun and attract their attention. They live partly a world of fantasies and these designs are special for them.
We invite you to share this first delivery of different designs for children (but there are many great ones who also bought them for themselves ...)
1- Library puzzle :


Pieces of puzzles with primary colors to build a different library. A unique place to show favorite toys and books. Decorative and functional for a child's room or game room.
2- Seat yellow pages :


When your child needs a little boost or height to get to the table and no longer wants to use the child seat, with this original yellow pages seat you will have solved the problem. It is light, soft, resistant and washable.
3- Nessie lamp :


The Nessie table lamp is perfect for reading, homework, or even for the car. It has a flexible neck that you can turn and rotate in all directions to the exact point that the child needs it. It also has an adjustment to change the color of the LED lighting according to the mood. It comes in different colors.
4- Bowling Pin Lamp :


Designed by Josh Owen. It is an original and very funny lamp.
5- Diva armchair :


The Diva chair is perfect for your little princess. With the wooden legs painted white and upholstered in pink it is worthy of a little girl with style. It is decorated with small stones and embroidered with the word Diva. It is also foldable, which facilitates storage.
6- Dolphin lamp :


An exciting lamp for any lover of dolphins or for a room whose theme is the ocean.
7- Plush flower :


These small decorative flowers are the perfect touch for any feminine decoration.
8- Tube lamp :


Your tube is filled with dozens of transparent colored acrylics and several LEDs are surrounded.
9- Armchair Mano :


Unique and colorful, they are ideal for small children. They come in different colors and are made of soft, resistant and washable fabric.
10- Multipurpose puzzle pieces :


A perfect complement to the Mano armchair. With the pieces the children can form a coffee table, and then separate them and have extra seats for your friends when they come to visit them, or they can even form a bed.

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