Details with fabrics in the decoration

Use different fabrics and textures for the decor of the home is an interesting option and in which we will not spend much money.

Details with fabrics in the decoration1

In the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, the bedrooms and even in the bathroom, we can add touches of color, joy and excel in the details through fabrics with attractive textures, basic designs and unique colors.
Flowers, straight lines or the combination of plain fabrics with special weave fabrics can make the decor change completely.
You can look for different fabrics you have at home or buy some to prepare your own details for the home. They can be the new cloths for the kitchen, enhancing the flowerpots that we have in the dining room.
We can make cushion covers with colorful fabrics that give life to our set of sofas or to decorate our bed.
You just have to choose the place to highlight and work with the colors, patterns and designs that you like the most.

Details with fabrics in the decoration2

Details with fabrics in the decoration3

Details with fabrics in the decoration4

Photos: wunderweib

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