Details to make the kitchen an industrial space

The kitchens with an air industrial They are timeless and very evocative places. They remind of old kitchens and with a very flattering rustic touch. There is breadth and an aesthetic taste for the practicality that make these spaces very natural environments.

Industrial style kitchen 1

We give you some keys to transform a kitchen into an industrial space incorporating certain elements or concrete details.

Industrial style kitchen 2

A wall of bricks seen can be the final detail to transform an ordinary space into something more industrial. The kitchens with this type of walls (or a single wall with this aspect) obtain a much more evocative air than if the walls are smooth or with another type of coating.

Industrial style kitchen 3

To complete the furniture you can use metal chairs and tables, in addition to many other accessories such as open shelves, also of this material, or steel.

Industrial style kitchen 4

Wood is another good complement for these spaces. Smooth surfaces, straight and rectangular tables, open spaces ... The kitchen, far from being a warehouse, is a place to cook and sit, so let's take good care of these two aspects, leaving open spaces within it.

Industrial style kitchen 5

More accessories to transform the kitchen into an industrial kitchen: hanging lamps (metal or glass), antique wall clocks (the circular ones that you see in the images), metal household items, vintage accessories ... And as for colors, earth colors, blues and (above all) gray, are those that best adapt to these industrial spaces.

Industrial style kitchen 6

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