Details to have a Japanese-style dining room

The Asian decorative trends they continue their success in the western world. The transparency, balance and harmony of the decorative habits that come to us from Asia have more and more admirers. A good example of this harmony we are talking about are the dining rooms of Japanese homes , very oriented to Zen style and expressive minimalism, a trend that we can always adapt to our taste and style without losing a bit of its essence.

Japanese style dining room or lounge 1

They are very functional dining rooms, where the table occupies a relevant place in the center of the room. One of the most outstanding curiosities of this type of dining room is that the table as the chairs are low, at ground level . In the Japanese houses, they eat in a circle, barefoot on the tatami, a type of thin mat. Not being accustomed, it is normal to see ourselves a little weird at first, eating so close to the ground. And, if we find it impossible, there are other models of Japanese style table a little higher, although maintaining its usual characteristics.

Dining room or Japanese-style lounge 2

Dining room or Japanese-style lounge 3

They are usually wooden dining rooms , just decorated with some lamp (an extra in lighting), or a centerpiece (also Zen style) or a decorative plant in a corner. The main magic of these proposals is the great harmony that emerges, and where the act of eating becomes almost a ritual. A very appropriate proposals for quiet meals, romantic dinners as a couple, or for those who simply look for a different style.

Dining room or Japanese-style lounge 4

Dining room or Japanese-style lounge 5

From more traditional Japanese models, to more modern ones, according to contemporary homes, these dining rooms can be a good alternative to renew the style of our dining room.

Dining room or Japanese-style lounge 6


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