Details to create a Zen garden

The Zen gardens , of marked oriental tendency, are very fashionable at present. A philosophy of life that transcends borders and has even extended to decoration, filling the interior and exterior spaces with new ideas in search of balance, harmony and peace.

Zen style gardens 1

But apart from all this philosophical section, there is no denying that a Zen garden is not beautiful. The harmony that the different elements that compose it turn them into very attractive places to retire to rest or simply take a walk by them. We teach some tricks to create a Zen garden in a simple way.

Zen style gardens 2

Rest is important, so it is convenient that we add furniture of comfortable materials and little hard, in colors far from the visual stridency. The ranges in black, gray, earth colors and white are the most suitable for this type of enclosures. And if we also add to the set a small bed - in this case a futon - we will improve even more the feeling of space dedicated to relaxation and tranquility. You can also create a small place to sit down and drink an appetizing drink and contemplate nature.

Zen-style gardens 3

As for the vegetation, the most suitable for these gardens are the smaller and easy-care plants. Chrysanthemums, for example, are the most common, although not the only ones. There can also be all kinds of aromatic herbs, water lilies and bonsai, and in general any flower or plant that we want to raise. Other details that can not be missing are the stones, whose function goes beyond the ornamentative, being elements of a symbolic value in every Zen garden that boasts.

Zen style gardens 4


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