Details to create a modern lounge

Most of the details of the proposals that we will see below all have a common denominator, since they serve to create modern spaces , with a unique style. Details in which, in addition, you have to take risks and launch yourself to use new textures, play with space, with contrasts, etc. In these examples we have looked for ideas that bet on mainly modern elements that break with the known. The classic here is over.

Modern Livings 1

The upper room is a good example of what has been said so far about this search to use different textures. Details such as the showcase filled with tree trunks make it a warm and very homelike space, with a natural nuance that contrasts with the rest of more sophisticated elements. Also the absence of sofas to use less common seats is an interesting bet, exclusive in its minimal expression.

In the next room we have a bit of the same: spaciousness, a search for creation of special corners and decorative minimalism supported by a personal design.

Modern Livings 2

Modernity and design are the words that define this other proposal, which plays with asymmetry and experimentation. The color green completely breaks with the neutrality of black, favoring the creation of a space of the most risky.

Modern Livings 3

A unique detail for the armchair is this small cup holder, for those reading evenings or uninterrupted chat.

Modern Livings 4

And why not opt ​​for a space dedicated exclusively to relaxation? It is very easy: outside superfluous furniture and clearly bet for an absolute protagonist sofa. And more if it is like this, so big, comfortable and fluffy.

Modern Livings 5

In this other room the sofas have a magnetic presence, over a geometric space inspired by oriental scenarios. The light hits directly thanks to an extendable lamp. We complete with some vegetable touches and the result is made of film.

Modern Livings 6


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