Details that reinvent the bathroom

The bathroom It is a very important space in the house not only because of the function it fulfills in the home, but because of the decorative possibilities it presents. There are many ways to transform our bathroom into a different place, even to reinvent it and give it something special. It is something that can be carried out with subtle changes and innovating a bit. If you are looking for a new look for your bathroom, this is your post.

Details to renew the bathroom01

Sometimes, the only introduction of elements that, a priori, do not fit in a bathroom, get us to reinvent this space, breaking molds and betting on new concepts. How would you like to put a sofa in the bathroom? It may be an original idea, and if you have space and are one of those people who like to indulge themselves from time to time (such as giving yourself a massage), now you can do it in your own bathroom. It is about placing a resting area and decorating it to your liking, favoring the sensation of relaxation.

Another idea is to decorate the bare spaces of the bathroom with chairs, placing them as an object that covers the space, that is, decorates it. If your bathroom is rustic, bet on wicker seats, setting trends.

Details to renew the bathroom02

Dispense with the cabinets and opt for the outdoor shelves, as if they were a sample of a store. So you have everything you need within reach. The space changes perspective: the bathroom is no longer a closed world in which you have to open drawers to find things, it is just the opposite, a diaphanous place.

Details to renew the bathroom03

Try changing the usual white for different effects, such as these tiles with innovative shapes in red and effects in silver and gold really flattering. The bathroom becomes a sensual place, according to more contemporary styles, where there are no barriers to decorate.

Details to renew the bathroom04

Details to renovate the bathroom05

The shower screen no longer has to be boring. Try new ideas, volumes and colors and look for comfort. Your decoration will thank you.

Details to renovate the bathroom06

Details to renovate the bathroom07

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