Details of bamboo in the living room

The bamboo , a flexible and unique material, is the protagonist of the furniture and decorative complements of these rooms. Its fresh appearance adds warmth and makes the space become a more comfortable and natural place. Bamboo can be a good protagonist for your home if you need a new decorative air.

Bamboo inside 1

The bamboo cane with which seats, sofas, tables and other accessories have been made shows beauty in all its splendor. A unique bet if what we are looking for is to create soft, delicate and clear environments. The halls of the upper and lower image are comfortable thanks to the bamboo and the softness that it projects. The nature of the wood can be combined with white, beige tones and creams. We will have a neutral and bright room. Attention to detail of the carpet also made with bamboo cane.

Bamboo inside 2

The blinds, made in this material, bring a fresh and warm air to a contemporary room dominated by dark tones. A perfect contrast that lets natural light penetrate to create a unique atmosphere.

Bamboo inside 3

Again the bamboo powerfully reinforces the details, as in the case of the following proposal. Stand out the rigid canes covering the sliding glass doors and the seats of the dining room:

Bamboo inside 4

Living room in gray tones with touches of orange and green where the softness of the bamboo mat adds clarity to the whole from the beauty of the parquet:

Bamboo inside 5


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