Details of a cottage-style room

This charming cottage style bedroom is full of details that create a quiet, sweet and relaxing space with rural air. Let's take a little tour of it to discover its secrets.

Cottage style 1

The pastel shades , typical of this style, give a feminine air to the bedroom. With some other color detail to break the chromatic monotony and create points of interest.

Cottage style 2

To create a fresh and relaxing atmosphere, a clear shade of pistachio green was used on the ceiling and walls. To create a sense of depth in the window ledge walls they have upholstered with a botanical motif fabric on a large scale in a darker shade of pistachio. The bench at the foot of the bed is also upholstered with a white checkered fabric and pistachio that coordinates with the ceilings and walls.

Cottage style 3

The cottage-style interiors are known to create a relaxing feeling and for their informal look . To keep the space cozy and comfortable, fabrics were used in shades of pistachio green with touches of light pink on the walls, bedding and curtains.

Cottage style 4

The pillows with their floral and vegetable designs follow the color palette of the room but with a greater load of roses to create a contrast effect.

Cottage style 5

The curtains reproduced also they colors used in decoration of the room. Even the smallest detail has been taken care of to create a coordinated set.

Cottage style 6

The bench is upholstered with a fabric chosen with all the intention, the idea is that not a single piece of the room is out of the set so well designed.

Cottage style 7

The small living area created in the room follows the design of it, the decoration has been based on small DIY projects that fit perfectly into a cottage environment.

Cottage style 8

When it comes to decorating a room in cottage style it is advisable flee from bright fabrics such as silk, satin or satin and opt for more rustic fabrics such as linen or cotton .

Cottage style 9

The illumination you should also take care of yourself and indirect lights will always be preferred over direct .

10 cottage style

A rustic style bookcase is in charge of storing books and small treasures.

Cottage style 11

The decorative objects They must have a rustic style according to the style we have chosen for the room. Objects elaborated in natural materials and of rural reminiscence .


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