Details for a sailor style lobby

The Sailor style o nautical style invites us to recreate part of nature in our own home. It is a style that is associated with the sea and everything that this medium represents. Conches, starfish, rudders, anchors, waves and seagulls, lighthouses ... There are endless symbols that can be part of this charming decorative style.

Sailor-style receivers 1

This style is unwrapped, natural and very fresh, sometimes similar to rustic due to the use of materials such as wood or flexible textures. The most usual colors to give a nautical touch to the home are white and blue, which refer us directly to the colors of the ocean. Red, brown or green are also other frequent colors to be acclimated.

Sailor-style receivers 2

The marine stripes in the prints, or the oars and the conches as accessories, can be an attractive way to build a receiver of this trend.

Sailor-style receivers 3

We can even use mock-ups of sailboats to build a rustic-vintage sailor decoration so natural:

Sailors style sailor 4

In addition, photographs and drawings with marine motifs are a classic to incorporate these environments, as we see in these images.

Sailor-style receivers 5

For the most imaginative, the anchors and dolphin tails (plastic) can be great racks to greet our guests in this part of the home.

Sailor-style receivers 6

Another essential nautical motif, without a doubt, are the lifeguards, which we can incorporate into the wall, achieving a minimalist and very summery decoration.

Sailor-style receivers 7

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