Desks fixed to the wall

The desks fixed to the wall are a good solution for small spaces. They are valid both for the home, in a small room that does not allow us to occupy much space with an ordinary desk, and for the office where, in addition to freeing space for other needs, they allow creating open and clear spaces.

Desks fixed to the wall 1

We can find from small works of art such as the Ledge Wall System of Trey Jones and Darin Montgomery, a beautiful shelf-desk made of MDF lacquered in various colors, which in addition to serving as a shelf and desk is a decorative element of the first order.

Desks fixed to the wall 2

In the same line we can find other options like this one designed by Valcucine, a narrow and light shelf that serves as a desk for a laptop. A low impact furniture to create a small workspace in any corner.

Desks fixed to the wall 4

The DIY of TWistedmosiac allows to create a space of work and multimedia to measure, this system allows different configurations and its reduced dimensions, added to the use of a material of low visual impact as it is the glass, it facilitates us the work of assembling our workspace in almost anywhere.

Desks fixed to the wall 5

The Studio Unieke's S01 designed by the Germans Ismail Özalbayrak and Bastian Diephaus is a small shelving-desk that has a system for the organization of cables and facilities for the ventilation of electronic and computer devices. This folding system allows to have a place of work in any place because once folded its visual impact is reduced to that of any screen hung on the wall.

Desks fixed to the wall 6

But not all expensive options are designed by very expensive furniture designers, also with a little ingenuity we can take advantage of any wooden board to create a desk fixed to the wall. It is the case of this desk fixed to the wall like any kitchen countertop. It has the help of a paw Vita kaj, from Ikea, to facilitate the distribution of weights and although its visual impact is greater it also allows us to have a large work area.


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