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The smallest of the house can also have their own office at home, in this case a table conditioned for those afternoons study and of creativity. When thinking about what kind of table may be more suitable for them, we must think about the age of the children, and adapt this furniture to the specific characteristics of each child.

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If they are very small, the most common is that these tables are lower and are made of flexible materials, without tips or corners. Wood can also be a very good material, and it also reminds them of the school desks themselves, with which these study tables can have a certain similarity.

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If it is a girl, we can create a fun study corner in more suggestive colors, such as pink and white. As we see, these tables do not lack anything; To begin with they must have a good surface on which to write, paint, draw or study.

For more restless children, a table with a much more dynamic theme may be the most appropriate for them.

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There are also other solutions for more improvised study tables, for cases in which the bedroom does not have much space. This idea is great for those occasions:

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When they begin to grow and use the computer, a table more adapted to these circumstances will allow them to maintain a good posture in front of the screen. For this we must also think about using an ergonomic chair with a good backrest.

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Another very important aspect is to illuminate the study area with flexo lamps or a good floor lamp. As you can see, these corners do not occupy too much and can be easily mounted in a hole that exists in the bedroom. By giving them this space of their own, the children will get used to doing their homework and we will be helping them to create good study habits in a comfortable environment for them.

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