Designer furniture with surreal inspiration

Among the wide variety of designer furniture proposed by firms specializing in decoration, models that break with the established stand out and propose different alternatives to decorate interiors in a totally original way. The proposals presented below are furniture inspired by surrealist universes based on the rupture of the balance and the symmetry in its structure.

Surrealist furniture 1

These ideas are not exclusive for use in homes, they are also very suitable for furnishing stores and shops, as these shelves of the Swedish firm Smansk that adorn a bookstore. It is modular furniture where the classic symmetry has given way to inclinations and slopes inspired by the universe of Lego building pieces.

Surrealist furniture 2

Incredible and suggestive, they deserve a special mention for their boldness and their spectacular design, giving way to an avant-garde concept of interior decoration.

Surrealist furniture 3

Another surprising collection of pieces that break with stereotypes are this furniture by the artist Vincent Thomas Leman, creations with unique shapes in which straight lines are only a reflection of the past: what is now carried are curves, inclinations and elliptical surfaces with a markedly surreal character.

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Surrealist furniture 5

These are cupboards, dressers, cupboards, side tables and bedside tables with a vocation of mysterious, different, innovative, break-up ... That type of furniture that seems to be part of a dream world and that, more than in the living room of a normal home , they have their space insured in any gallery or museum of contemporary art.

Surrealist furniture 6


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