Design your own mattress with Asleep

When we decide to decorate our rooms or that of the children, one of the essential furniture is the bed. But when dealing with it there is something that we usually leave for the end and it is the mattress .
And choose the mattress It is more than important. It is not enough for the bed to look good but also it must be comfortable, hygienic and make our rest or that of the children pleasant.

Design your own mattress with Asleep 1

If it's specialists, Asleep It is one of them.
Asleep He is the specialist in sweet dreams. It not only offers a wide range of mattresses but also offers its clients the possibility of putting together their own mattresses .
You choose the materials, thickness, measurements, etc. In just six steps you can design the mattress to your taste and know what is the cost of it.
You start by selecting the measure, then you choose the base of the mattress , you continue choosing the viscoelastic base envelope, the thicknesses of both and finally the cover.
One of the specialties of Dormidos is its Viscoelastic Sensus . It has been designed with a structure of cells more open than the rest of the viscoelastic. This type of surface gives a better air circulation and avoids the accumulations of heat that other types of foams generate. Also, Sensus, has the particularity of offering an unparalleled degree of comfort by having a unique and exclusive system that makes it adapt to your body. Also, it benefits the blood circulation.
On the other hand, another of the things that are worth noting about the mattresses Asleep is that they have an antistatic, anti-mite treatment, a fabric with an ultra fresh treatment that ensures an optimal hygienic state (it is anti-mildew, anti-bacteria and anti-mite) and has a particular fiber made with soy which allows These mattresses are more natural and respectful of the environment.
No doubt they are mattresses which is worth buying.
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