Design work spaces

Whenever there is a design that captures us and brings us our attention we present it to you, and today there are a series of proposals for office at home they have seduced us completely.
The decoration of the home Office It is always important, and we should feel comfortable in our work space. In these examples you can see how each of its authors have sought different styles and meet different needs.
Most have thought about the moments of rest and have dared more with the decor ...

Design work spaces1

Our first design has a particularity that attracts our attention. The decorative vinyl used on the walls are really elegant. The space has been maximized, and two jobs have been installed. Each of its users has installed the objects and accessories to their liking and has taken advantage of the desk to place the pictures on them, leaving the wall free so that the vinyls can be seen.

Design work spaces2

In this case, a individual bamboo as the base of the keyboard next to a very particular vase ...

Design work spaces3

Design work spaces4

Here everything has been thought of. A complete desktop, with a Mac, a desktop PC, base for the Ipod with its speakers to listen to good music and the Xbox with a Led TV for free moments .... Do not forget to see the detail of the carpet (to be barefoot while working) and a good executive armchair ... Can you ask for something more ???

Design work spaces5

This is a slightly more sophisticated and spacious space. The workplace next to the window to make the most of natural light and a good design armchair For resting.

Design work spaces6

A corner very well used. A small desk suspended. Only space for your laptop and a good modern sidewalk .

Design work spaces7

This is undoubtedly the work space of a total fanatic. All objects of your taste within reach. Is it that he needs to feel in another world to work? We do not know, but there is no doubt that it is an idea to imitate.

Design work spaces8

Very bright, with spaces designed for all needs. The combination of white and yellow is fully attractive, as much or more than the previous proposals in green tones.

Design work spaces9

And for those who like spacious, more classic and elegant spaces, this office where wood and brown tones are protagonists is ideal. It can be adapted for a double work station.


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